Donkey Kong

Release Date 1983 FC, 1985 NES, 1987 NES (PAL)
Platform Famicom, NES
Versions Famicom Text Label, Famicom Artwork Label, FDS, NES (Black Box), Donkey Kong Classics (multi-cart incl. DK Jr.)
Category Game A
Objective Rescue Pauline from Donkey Kong on Level 3.
Timing RTA (-11)
1 Floor clip down first ladder, screen wrap vertically, left on top platform, up ladder.
2 Early elevator
3 Left, up ladder, far right, up ladder, far left, up ladder, up ladder, down next ladder, fast rivet grab left and back right, fast rivet grab right then back left, up ladder, right to grab final rivet.
Ladder / Floor Clip Going down a ladder which is designed to only take you upwards is possible when the bottom edge of a ladder aligns with the edge of a raised floor tile.
Vertical Screen Wrap Jumping from an upper platform down to the bottom elevator section on the floor, causes Mario to avoid collision and fall through the bottom of the screen and emerge at the top. However the height is such that Mario is programmed to die upon touching any platform.