Super Mario 64


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Defeat Bowser

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Timing / Rules


We use a bot to auto-reject runs which do not fill out the submission forms correctly. To avoid auto rejection be sure to do the following:

Do not change the "verified" option (leave it as "Yes", this is for our use only)
Do not include milliseconds, these are only for top level runs, the milliseconds on your livesplit timer are irrelevant and inaccurate
If on emulator be sure to select EMU as subcategory AND check the emulator box for platform
Video Requirements:

Entire run in one segment
Must include audible game audio
Twitch VODs must be highlighted

Timing starts from power on (or reset) and ends when the big star is collected at the end of the game (the first frame that the star bursts into dust).

For N64/EMU, the first frame of the Super Mario 64 logo should appear at 1.33 seconds.

For Wii/Wii U VC timing starts on reset (the first frame the screen goes black before the classic controller text/mario logo) and ends when the big star is collected at the end of the game.

Controller Restrictions:

For console (N64/VC) runs re-mapping of controller inputs/outputs is allowed, with the following restrictions:

The re-mapping scheme at the beginning of the run must remain for the entirety of the run. That is, a runner using a controller that maps buttons to analog inputs (e.g. Boxx) must use a controller with that re-mapping scheme for the duration of the run. Swapping controllers to ones with the same re-mapping scheme (e.g. swapping from OEM N64 to Hori Mini Pad) is acceptable.

There should be no overlap in mapping analog to analog inputs or analog to digital inputs. (You cannot map analog up to both a control stick and the “A” button.) Digital inputs can be mapped to multiple buttons as it does not provide a competitive advantage. (The hori has two Z buttons, but only one press is registered if both buttons are pressed simultaneously. This is acceptable.)